BDR Thermea established in 2009 with joined forces of three giant companies Baxi Group, De Dietrich and Remeha .

BDR Thermea employs more than 7000 people across Europe with a turnover of almost 3 bilion usd and 225 milion eur annual gross profit , operating in a market worth over €16 billion of annual sales. The group has a top market position in: UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Eastern Europe countries and strong positions in markets of Turkey, Russia, North America and China. In total BDR Thermea operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.BDR Thermea owns leading brands in European market . These include De Dietrich, Baxi, Remeha,Heatrea Sadia, Brötje, Potterton, Chappée, BaxiRoca and Baymak .


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